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Woman with her back to the camera wears a black and white striped sweater in front of a black and white striped painting.

Artsdötter is designed and run by Lisa Dahl, a visual artist and graphic designer based in NYC.

Lisa has worked in graphic design for over 25 years. After creating her own art website, she realized other artists might appreciate the template she had designed. So in 2006 she opened for business under the name Square Portfolio. In 2017, the business re-branded as Artsdötter to incorporate responsive website designs utilizing WordPress as its base. It has also since branched out to serve more than just visual artists.

Tapping decades of experience as an artist, Lisa uses that same visual literacy to ensure your website’s content is easy to navigate and your work takes center stage. She can advise you on how to best present your ideas, even if you have a complex range of materials. If you work in a specialized area, Lisa can offer strong editorial skills to make sure your language is easy to digest for the average visitor while still accurately conveying your intent.

> Visit Lisa Dahl’s personal website