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Artsdötter was originally founded in 2006 as Square Portfolio. Its focus has always been to offer website design specifically for artists, galleries, or creative businesses. In the many years since its inception, a lot has changed online. Now websites need to be responsive and look good on a range of devices.

Using WordPress as its base, the Artsdötter website offers image galleries with intuitive navigation, a clean design and touch sensitive swiping so your artwork takes center stage. It looks as great on a phone as it does on a computer.

The website’s template still comes with help from an artist-designer to setup and customize according to your specific needs, without having to learn coding or blogging from scratch. Full-service design help is available, or the ability to make your own updates is possible as well. Artsdötter takes the fear out of the learning curve that online web services have by offering written, step-by-step instructions. And of course, keeping it real by being affordable through a streamlined, base framework.

To receive a design quote or ask any questions, use the CONTACT page.

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